Liaison on new „50 FITNESS & AEROBIC SONGS“ Compilation














  • Tobias Kimmel – Liaison (Original Mix) (Kimmel Records)
  • Ray Burnz – Weekend Anthem (Club Rocker Version) (5g Records)
  • Lab Of Music – Discoface (Deep Tech Mix) (Labofmusic Records)
  • Martin Santos – Rockin Chicks (2-Wise Remix) (Sweetnezz Music)
  • Calabria – Robotronic (Main Mix) (Clone 2.1 Records)
  • Cut’n Glue – Hubbelbob (Mono & Tox Remix) (OneMoon Records)
  • Suite 610 – Rolling Girl (Club Mix) (Clone 2.1 Records)
  • Haddicts – Marabo (Tom Twice Remix) (HotSenses Records)
  • The Lost Disko Superstar Ft. Jimoloko – Naama Beach (Chris Brass Remix) (Candydeluxe)
  • Haddicts – Marabo (Original Mix) (HotSenses Records)
  • Punk And Tweecq – Antyclymaks (Original Mix) (Punky Records)
  • Louis Fortes – I Feel Cool (Original Mix) (Punky Records)
  • Yan Krow – Mirame Despacio Feat. Susana Villegas (Original Mix) (Electronic Sound Records)
  • Divkid – Whah (K.R.J. Remix) (Lung Filler Records)
  • Outward – Planking (Original) (Limeroads)
  • Maclaro Feat. Angie – We Love House Music (Phil Monnerat Rmx) (Alchemist Project Entertainment)
  • Phunk Elimar – Postera (Phunke Records)
  • Gaby Dershin Feat. Delchick – Deconstructed (Dr. Kucho! Remix) (Disc Doctor)
  • Dj Sounds – On The Floor (Original Mix) (Bass Sounds Records)
  • Cosmic Funk Feat. Tanya Michelle – I Defy (Roberto Bernabe Main Remix) (Suka Records)
  • Nick Martira – Take Me (Fab Martinez Mix) (Purple Monkey)
  • Cosmic Funk Feat. Tanya Michelle – I Defy (Roberto Bernabe Adlibs Remix) (Suka Records)
  • Anthony Attia Feat Charlenn – Better Than Words (Original Mix) (Luxury Trax)
  • Tony Costa Feat. Noura – My Mind (Extended Mix) (Planeta Mix Records)
  • Rafa Romero & David Da Costa Feat Jesus Aguilera – Devagarinho (Club Mix) (Planeta Mix Records)
  • Djkevingr Vs J Kar – African Ninja (Know Thyself Recordings)
  • Roger Cadiz – Dirty Laundry (Original Mix) (Punky Records)
  • Mr. Jonk – I Miss You (Redit) (Electro Culture Records)
  • Patrick Mc Culkgin – Time (Radio Mix) (Culkgin)
  • Sunrider Feat. Mikem – Careless Wisper (Sunrider Radio) (Andorfine Records)
  • Monuloku – Die Künstler Sind Wir (Garganrecords)
  • Mario H – Despierta (Profe Remix) (La Noche Recordings)
  • Monuloku – Molekulare Tanzbewegung (Garganrecords)
  • Monuloku – Syoss Tec (Garganrecords)
  • Matteo Milazzi – Boom ! (Vincent Dacosta Remix) (E-Force Recording)
  • The Maersk Project – Side B (The Maersk Project)
  • Alien Pimp – Material Boy (DubKraft Records)
  • 4d4m – Chakra (Original Mix) (Lychee records)
  • Rob Downbeat – Beatbreaker (Carolloton)
  • Dj Zenix Feat. Nico Collu – Top Of The World (Extended Mix) (Planeta Mix Records)
  • Chechu Garcia – Bad Night (Chola Records)
  • Dj Emeriq – Talisman (L.S.R.)
  • Denny The Punk – Turn Me On ( Original Mix) (Punky Records)
  • Matthias Schenk – Paul (Original) (OneMoon Records)
  • Mazai & Fomin – Sucker (Andrew Light Edit) (Connection Digital Recordings)
  • Several Spirits – Flyover (Acunadeep)
  • Laera – My Sex Machine Is Dead (Instrumental Mix) (Planeta Mix Records)
  • Dj Sm – All In One Mix (Sm Records)
  • Deaf Audio Circus – Noise Machines (Original Mix) (Hy-Land)
  • Andrew Mc Hogan – Walking On The Misty Road (Club Mix) (Hotron Music)

Liaison on new „Fitness Highclass“ Compilation


  • Gamero Brown – The Rhythm Of The Rain (Original Mix) (Infected Recordings)
  • Upper Grooves – Happy Hour (Soft Step Remix) (Night Opera Records)
  • Upper Grooves – Happy Hour (Night Opera Records)
  • Vasilis Giotis – Out There (Extended Mix) (Music Vibes Records)
  • Andy Von Paramus Ft. Pesos Sax – La Cumbia (Crazy Sax Rmx) (Stars 4 Music)
  • Andy Von Paramus – La Cumbia (Richie Rydell Chaz Morin Rmx) (Stars 4 Music)
  • Brown Sugar & Kid Shakers – Bad Girl (Original Mix) (Suka Records)
  • Juan Luis Murillo Feat. Egle-K – Love Me Tonight (On The Floor Mix) (Liquitech Records)
  • The Disko Starz & Ice Cream – Everything For Nothing (Original Mix) (Digital Love Recordings)
  • Theisn – 125 Beatz (Tweecq Remix) (Punky Records)
  • Theisn – 125 Beatz (Original Mix) (Punky Records)
  • Miraflores – Azul (Blissful Moods)
  • Over Range – Libre Expresion (Blissful Moods)
  • Cane Garden Quartet – Out With Friends (Nidra Music)
  • Teo Brothers – Meltdown (Original Mix) (Punky Records)
  • Techno Freedom Pro – Lucky Strike (Gabriel Woods Remix) (Bdivision)
  • Tobias Kimmel – Liaison (Original Mix) (Kimmel Records)
  • Lab Of Music – Discoface (Deep Tech Mix) (Labofmusic Records)
  • Martin Santos – Rockin Chicks (2-Wise Remix) (Sweetnezz Music)
  • Fantasy Feat Althea Mc Queen – Daily Life (Spirit Sound Revolution Instrumental) (Spirit Sound Records Revolution)
  • Drama Kids Loco Ft. Amanda – Blow (Original Mix) (Candydeluxe)
  • Maclaro Feat. Angie – We Love House Music (Alchemist Project Rmx) (Alchemist Project Entertainment)

New Album „EMOTIONS“ coming soon!

I will release the new album „Emotions“ on Christmas this year.

It will contain my current Single Releases and some new unreleased tracks.

Personal friends will get the opportunity to download an Extended Version with all my Remixes.



Probable tracklist of CD1:

0.   The Change
1.   Best Friends
2.   Planet One
3.   The Hacker
4.   Hasta La Vista (feat. Lina)
5.   OMFG (feat. PRoMAN)
6.   Shadowlights
7.   Devil In You
8.   Ready 2 Rock (feat. PRoMAN)
9.   The Sun
10. Go Wild
11. Para Mi Amor
12. Facing You
13. 0815

Stay tuned for more information…